Coolest Batman Double Blade Knife

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$79.90 NZD 


Whether you love Batman or not, whether you love pocketknives or not - it really doesn't matter.


This knife is both a functional tactical knife that can be used for camping etc. And is also a great collectable knife!


This has to be one of the coolest knives we have ever laid our "gadget guys" hands on!


This knife looks and feels awesome whether it is all folded away, one blade is out, or both.

The single sided blades are spring assisted which means they come out smooth and easy and then lock into place.

 This pocketknife will be the envy of all on your next camping trip for sure!


  • Knives are not toys.
  • Knives should only be used for appropriate purposes.
  • Knives should not be carried on your person in public places without a legitimate reason.


Closed - this bat looking mother of a knife is approximately 145cm long.

Fully extended in all it's glory it is approximately 280mm long with blades approximately 90mm in length each.

The blades are made from 3Cr13 Steel and the body from high-grade aluminium and weighs approximately 160gms.

It also has a handy belt clip on the back!

*Please Note*
There is another version of this knife on the market that is quite a bit smaller. Take note of the body and blade size if comparing this to cheaper models.



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