3D Marvel Avengers Vinyl Wall Decal

The Gift and Gadget Guys

$34.50 NZD 

The Avenger team looking ready to throw down!

Made from non-toxic PVC vinyl.

Easy to apply and remove without damage to your wall (Please note vinyl wall decals can be applied and removed if needed, but not re-applied again after that. They are not designed to be removed and then re-used somewhere else. But they will come off without leaving any marks or residue)

Product size is approximately 500mm High x 900mm Long

Item will be shipped in a cardboard tube with end caps to protect your investment.

Please follow these instructions to ensure your decal is applied correctly


Step 1: Get Yourself Ready

Pick your spot and check dimensions. Wall decals will stick well to smooth, indoor surfaces.

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Smooth walls
  • Painted Gib
  • Glass
  • Smooth metal
  • Inside walls only

     Not Recommended Surfaces:

    • Freshly painted walls – If the walls are freshly painted allow 14-30 days for the paint to dry and cure.
    • Textured walls
    • Unpainted gib walls
    • Brick or concrete block walls
    • Porous, textured walls
    • Outside walls


    Step 2: Prepare the Decal

    Unroll the decal onto the floor, or a table – relax. If you had been rolled up into a tube for a while you would need to relax for a bit too. Lay out the decal for a couple of hours (sometimes a day), perhaps with something on it, until it stays completely flat with no curling.


    Step 3: Prepare the Wall

    Decals love clean walls – just like you love clean clothes.

    If necessary clean the wall with a warm damp cloth and let it dry completely. (Do not use soap or cleaning agents)

    Thoroughly clean walls of any dust whey a dry towel and cloth


    Step 4: Get Help

    Phone a friend or grab the closest person.

    If you are putting up a large decal you may find yourself with not enough hands and control and will find that decal sticking to itself or parts of the wall you don’t want it too. Bad words will likely come out of your mouth at that point.


    Step 5: Let’s Get It On

    With the assistance from that friend you called - begin at the top of the decal and carefully and evenly peel it from its backing about a third of the way.

    Place one corner in position and slowly smooth it along making sure it is level (or as level as you want it).

    Slowly work your way down smoothing the decal into place with your hand, and peeling the backing off as you go in sections.

    Use a flexible card (like a credit card for example) to smooth out any bubble working from the middle to the outside.

    To give you an idea of how to do it check out this video
    (note - your decal may vary slightly depending on shape and cutout and the sticker may peel from the front rather than the back, but the video will give you a general idea).

    The following applies UNLESS stated in the description or item is on Pre-Order status (scroll down for Pre-Order delivery timeframes).

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    Orders are sent out the same or next business day.

    In New Zealand

    All orders are sent via Tracked Courier.

    Normal delivery timeframe is 1-2 business days from time of dispatch (allow up to 3 extra days for rural delivery)

    In Australia

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    Items on Pre-Order

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    Sometimes this will be less as the items are already on the way from our suppliers.

    If you are unsure - please contact us before purchasing so we can get you an accurate delivery time.

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