About us

Who are we?

We are the Kiwi Guys that would like to make a difference.

We love our amazing beautiful country and the people we share it with.

We like cool, exciting, different, and trendy quality products and most of all gadgets. And sometimes it's just too hard to find those things, or, you have to spend time looking overseas to try and get your hands on them only to find they are not what you thought they were, or they have taken weeks to get here. Finally, you find yourself disappointed. In some cases, the item never even gets here!


What we do.

Well - We want to try and filter this process by doing all the hard work for you.

We found customers want the stuff we want. Not only that, we found people want things now (just like us), and hate waiting weeks for something to arrive. And who gets sick of the “we can’t get that here in NZ”, or “we’ll have to order it in for you – give us a few weeks).

So you see - we are just like you. Looking for something interesting, something to excite you. Only now we enjoy sharing our enjoyment of finding these items. But we do the hard work for you. We get a new product and check it out and make sure it is up to the Gift and Gadget Guys standard before making it available to our customers.

And YES – we have a box of goods that have not made the cut and we just can’t sell to our customers and have you disappointed.


The downside to our business?

Well – we don’t get to be with you when you receive your parcel from us, so we don’t get to see your enjoyment!


So in short....

We are an online store that scours the globe for products for ourselves and also from our valued customer’s requests.

When we find items that interest us or have been requested by numerous customers and pass our quality control we get them up for you to find on our site. We then continue to stock those items that sell well to our awesome customers.


First Class Customer Service.

As we come from service backgrounds we fully believe in providing great customer service.

We have been appalled at the time it takes sellers (in NZ!) to ship orders. There is no way you should be able to get something quicker from overseas than you can right here in New Zealand!

We pride ourselves with regards to our communication to our customers, and our quick shipment processing times.

Rick & Flick
and the team at The Gift and Gadget Guys



Wondering why Batman and Spiderman are featuring on our homepage?
Well, it's one traditional argument in the world of comics - DC or Marvel.
One of us prefers DC and in particular Batman. The other prefers Marvel and in particular Spiderman.

So for us, it's Batman vs. Spiderman.

Now - back to finding some really cool Batman and Spiderman costumes!