Ahhhhhhh.....Fidgeting Bliss

Ahhhhhhh.....Fidgeting Bliss

Yes - I'm a fidgeter!

My nickname is Flick.

And this is for 2 reasons. One, of course, is because I fidget and am always flicking my pen.

The other is another story....oh ok (not relevant to the blog - but we are on the subject).

Side Story

Many years ago I started work as a locksmith. Funnily enough, my boss was the "other" founding partner of the Gift and Gadget Guys - Rick. Now the issue was there were two locksmiths at that branch with the same name. One day I walked into work and good old Rick started singing "I'm a little fire engine Flick! is my name".

That probably needs explaining. You see at the time I was a volunteer firefighter - hence the song choice.

And that was that - Flick was my nickname, and aptly so due to my annoying fidgeting noises I tended to make in the office.

So - back to the blog.

Why fidgeting bliss? Well as an avid fidgeter I was immediately drawn to the Kickstarter campaign last year for the Fidget Cube. I immediately backed it (ordering way more cubes that I needed - but you are going to benefit from that.....). Of course, any of you that have followed this campaign (or are yourselves still waiting for your cubes!) will know about the delays in production and shipping and only now are the initial backers getting their shipments.

But now we have finally received the shipment from


And the Fidget Cubes are fantastic.

Now with more cubes than Rick or I can fidget with at any given time, we are going to sell the rest of them right here on The Gift and Gadget Guys.

We are also waiting for Antsy Labs to finish producing and shipping all the Kickstarter backers so we can source these amazing gadgets direct from them in the future to keep on our site. However - this is going to quite a while. So if you want one you are going to have to be quick.



 But wait there's more!

Of course, all of this has highlighted the whole hidden world out there of fidgeters, twiddlers, fiddlers and more. People desperate for something to occupy their idle hands.

And this type of behaviour is now showing up in studies as important. Studies are showing these types of devices help with stress levels, concentration, ADHD, autism and more.

So we have all manner of fidgeting devices coming in - and in fact we now have a category dedicated solely to these gadgets! (click here to head to our Fidgeters, Fiddlers and Twiddlers category)

We currently have the Genuine Fidget Cubes and various spinners to start out and we are testing out a few others to make sure they stand up to our rigid tests and satisfaction.

Keep an eye out for new exciting items for this category. We are sure you will find something to satisfy you fiddling needs.


Fidget On!



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