Fidget Spinners – To Lube or Not to Lube.

Fidget Spinners – To Lube or Not to Lube.

To Lube or Not to Lube, that is the question.

Nothing like a bit of Shakespeare to get us in the literary mood.

So Fidget devices are here, and it looks like they will be around for a while. With such a diverse range of styles the world is going crazy with them. And spinners are certainly leading the charge.

But a BIG question has arisen and it’s caused confusion among fidget spinner users. Logic and physics are being defied!

A fidget spinner has moving parts – the ball bearings. And as we all know, you should lubricate moving parts to reduce friction and wear and tear. So the logic goes that you should lubricate your spinner to make it go faster and longer. Right?


 I’ll give you the rule and then try to explain it.

If you want your fidget spinner to be quieter by all means lubricate it.

If you want your fidget spinner to go faster and longer you need ZERO lubrication.

Your choice.
An example from one of our tests. Classic Tri-Spinner would spin for average of 2 minutes on the desk. After lubrication (very small amount of oil) it would only spin for 45 seconds! But is was almost silent!

So why is this the case?

    So lubrication in moving parts is used to prevent wear under load (it also helps prevent corrosion). This is no different in ball bearings.

    As an example if you are a skateboard owner/rider you would know you need to lubricate your skateboard bearings. But these are under a heavy human load and go long distances. If you didn’t lubricate the bearings they would quickly wear down and need to be replaced.

      Spinners on the other hand are fairly light. And they have a pretty even load (or even no load at all) when spinning due to the centrifugal force (science type words…sorry).

      So in this case the lubrication actually increases the friction. Weird right? You see it’s such a small space and there is no real load on the bearings, so the lubrication just gets in the way. Sure it makes it quieter, but it actually causes friction. Lubrication (e.g. oil) will also attract dirt requiring you to clean your spinner more often.

      Of course if you aren’t too bothered about spin time (many just flick theirs back and forth with the fingers) and want it quiet then lubrication is for you.

      None of that make sense to you? Don't worry, you aren't alone. If you don't believe or understand the science then test it out yourself. But trust us - we already did. And it's all true. We even tried in on different setups (different ball bearings (steel, ceramic etc.), different spinners).

      Can you get a balance between quiet and speed?

      Well sure. It will depend on the type and amount of lubrication you use.


      So all that being said you now want to know about cleaning your spinner and what and how much lubrication to use (if you are going to use it at all). No problem. The Gift and Gadget Guys have you covered.

      We have done all the research for you and put together a PDF on what you need to know to get the most out of your spinners!

      Check out our PDF on spinner maintenance here.

      And of course - find you next Fidget Gadget here!


      Keep on fidgeting!

      The crew at the Gift & Gadget Guys

      Age and the perception of time - Why's and What to do!

      Age and the perception of time - Why's and What to do!

      Don't worry - you are not alone.


      The older we get, the faster time seems to flow. Sound familiar?



      So lets look at the reasons why this phenomenon occurs, and more importantly, what you can do to slow things down again.





      The WHY

      So there are two accepted reasons why weeks, months and years seem to get faster as we get older.

      The first is the common concept that our relative perception of a piece of time - whether that is a minute, hour, day etc. - becomes relative to the total amount of time we have been on this planet.

      For example - when you turn five you have been alive for 1,825 days (not counting any leap years). So one year is mearly 0.2% or one fifth of the total time you have been here. So a year is imagined as quite a decent amount of your life, and therefore a pretty long time!

      When you have been alive for 50 years you have been around for 18,250 days (again, not counting leap years!). So one year is merely 0.02% or one fiftieth of your life. Not so long.

      Days seem to get compressed, and so do weeks and so on and so on. Before you know it it's Christmas again!


      But this isn't the only reason.

      The less talked about idea for this occurrence is about memories and experiences.

      You see as we get older we have less "first time" events. Less encounters that are new and exciting. The events, objects, and people we come across on a daily basis already have memories connected to them. Because of this part of our brain accesses those memories (even if you don't know you are doing it) and begins to ignore "re-encountering" that thing again.

      This has the side effect of making moments in time seem less important or exciting and therefore they pass seemingly quicker in the course of the day.

      Even a week long holiday can seem to go by too quickly if you have gone to the same holiday destination several times before with the same people and done the same activities.


      My THIRD reason

      I'm going to add another reason. One that I don't know how much it is being talked about in relation to time perception - but it is talked about with regards to many effects on our lives. Especially with relationships and our psychology.

      Yes I'm talking about "screens"!

      When I was growing up initially we really only had the TV (and of course going to the movies). And viewing content was limited to begin with. Content grew, and early computers (that were affordable for the home owner!) come into being, so our screen time increased.

      Fast forward to today?!?! TV's, computers, game consoles, tablets and phones everywhere! So much of our day now is spent looking at screens whether it is for work, relaxation, or whatever.

      And here is what I've noticed over the years, and I can't quite explain some of it but I know you'll agree.

      I can sit down to read a book, whether it is on a kindle, or actual real paper (old fashioned I know). And I can say to myself "Ok - got half an hour till I have to be somewhere. Time to read a few chapters". And sure enough I can get to reading, and look up at the clock when I feel around 30 minutes has passed and, lo and behold, it's been around 25 minutes. No problem.

      However - if I sit down to play a game on the console, or play "just a couple" of quick games of whatever on my phone or tablet, scrolling through Facebook, or even just sit in front of the computer and do some mindless browsing (which starts out searching for "why do my feet get itchy", goes through "are my headaches because of a brain tumor", followed soon after by "dogs that look like dead presidents" and somehow ends up with "really expensive gadgets I just have to have") - what happens??

      Yep - next thing it's dark outside, or worse it's tomorrow!

      It seems that depending on the activity you do, sometimes the perception of time goes right out the proverbial window. Right?

      So this ever increasing "screen time" we have now in our lives I believe is also contributing to "time speeding up". One of the things that I've noticed is that even teenagers are saying this more and more. And let's face it - teenagers aren't that old. But they are, however, spending a lot of time on their devices in most cases.

      A great video from a couple of years ago about this here:

      Of course - all of the above could be wrong, and it is indeed just a glitch in the Matrix.


      So - what can be done about it?

      I'm gonna need you to bear with me and don't think I'm away in fairy land. Just absorb what I'm saying, and perhaps venture outside of your comfort zones - you may be surprised.

      We are going to talk about things like Meditation, Mindfulness and others - but don't worry. You don't have to become a hippy from the 60's or give up modern day technology. But there are aspects of these things that can help you.



      I'm sure you've all heard about meditation, and probably from many sources and you will have many perceptions about what it is and how to do it. And for a lot of you I can tell you you're wrong for most of it.

      First, meditation does not have to have to have anything to do with religion or spirituality. Instead it is really nothing more than calming the mind and relaxing.

      I'm not going to really get going on all the benefits, and the how to's - I'd need to write a book. All of that information is already out there on the internet (oh wait - am I suggesting you spend more time in front of your screen? Well kind of - but only for researching this! Not looking at cute cats that fall down!).

      But in particular - a fairly new branch of Meditation styles.



      You may have already heard of mindfulness. There are many practitioners of this, and many instructors and workshops you can attend around New Zealand (and indeed the world). There are meditation aspects of it - but more importantly is the basis of it.

      Mindfulness is predominantly about living in the present. Not the past - not the future - right here and now, this moment. And really taking notice of things. Things you may have seen, heard and felt before - but did you really notice them? Did you really take the time to admire the beauty of what is around you or really listen to your friend talk and appreciate them?

      This relates directly to the point above of time flying by because we have experienced many things already as we get older so our brain starts glossing over them. By being mindful of  what you are doing or where you are and taking in an extra moment to see what you didn't see before we can experience things again in more detail and in new ways.

      There is plenty online about Mindfulness - and there is bound to be local group workshops you can attend as well.

      Not to mention with today's technology there is plenty of apps and recordings for guided meditations. Regularly done meditation has be shown to reduce stress, blood pressure etc.


      One final point

      I saw a fantastic movie a few movies (and watched it several times since with various friends) called About Time. If you haven't seen it - please do. One of the best British romance/comedies I've seen.

      Anyway - quick synopsis - it's about a guy who discovers the men in his family can time travel once they reach a certain age, but only into the past, and only in their lifetime. I know, time travels movies really screw with your mind. But this one is done well without too much mind-bending crap.

      But it's the end of the movie that really speaks to me, and everyone else I've seen it with. Without giving away the whole movie, the very end message is when the main character realizes how to live his life. He lives every day twice. Once like normal, then again but taking the time to appreciate everything around him.

      Sounds easy when you can time travel - but to me the message says we should always live each day to the fullest and try to appreciate the present moment.


      Last Observation- I promise

      I was trying to apply the above a little while ago, and at the time I was busing into the city for some meetings. I had a few encounters that demonstrated a couple of things to me. First it demonstrated how isolated and unused to human contact we are becoming. And the second is it showed me how much more wonderful things can be if you interact.

      First was a couple of occasions while waiting at a bus stop where I (apparently badly) attempted to converse with a fellow bus goer. Sometimes the looks you get (when they finally look up from their phones, and/or unplug their headphones) is one of freaked out shock that you are talking to them, wondering if you are a weirdo, manic, and/or mentally disturbed, and quickly trying to figure out a way to leave. Very sad.

      But the second is when you engage with a complete stranger in a situation like that and you get the reverse. Like I did a couple of times actually on the bus. This turned a normally boring, done it before, half fall asleep bus ride to one of enjoyment as we joked, told stories and learned from each other during that time.

      I've found if you actually engage with the checkout person, or the barista in your coffee shop or the local milkman then life is far more enriched.


      Ok - that's it. I feel like I've rambled on enough for now. But I hope perhaps you might look at life just a little differently and try to make the most of now.

      I'll leave you with this


       And of course one way to enjoy life is with some amazing products from The Gift and Gadget Guys!

      Yours most kindly

      Flick (just one of the "Guys" from the Gift and Gadget Guys)




      The Mandela Effect - or Memory Confabulation

      The Mandela Effect - or Memory Confabulation

      There is an interesting phenomenon that is floating around the internet, and it's a doozy.

      If you haven't heard of it before let's explain it a bit, look into some examples and then ponder the question of possible or not?


      So the reason it's called the Mandela effect is it kicked off back in 2010 when a paranormal consultant (yes that's what she calls herself) - Fiona Broome - found out she shared a false memory of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980's. Of course, he didn't, he was released in 1990 and died in 2013.

      Upon posting this online she discovered thousands of people shared the same, supposed, false memory. This led to more investigations where other examples of false memories were discovered and shared by thousands and even millions of people.


      The Mandela Effect was born and it grew.

      The theory is we have, at some point, merged or slipped into an alternate reality where some things are slightly different.


      Here are some of the more common examples you can ponder yourself.

      The Berenst_in Bears

      A childhood favourite of many. A good majority of the world seem to remember it as being The Berenstein Bears with an "e" in "stein". In actual fact it has an "a" and is The Berenstain Bears

      Berenstain or Berenstein Bears

      What do you remember?


      How Many States in the USA

      Many people in the world (including some people IN America!) believe there were 51 or 52 states in the USA. Of course, there are in fact only 50 (and there has never been more).

      The common belief is there were 50, then they added Hawaii and Alaska making 52. Or some confusion about Puerto Rico being a state is also mentioned.

      Upon finding out there were only 50 states there were many people posting online from places outside the USA that they had conducted surveys in their schools, universities, communities and were all reporting that the majority of people (unprompted) were saying 52 States and convinced it was so!


      Curious George (and the curious missing tail)

      So - Curious George is a monkey, right? And monkeys have tails right? Do you remember Curious George with a tail? Most likely you do. So would it shock  you to find out he never had one?

      Any authentic drawing or animation of Curious George does not depict him with a tail (although there are many reproductions around that incorrectly have him with a tail - which is possibly where the confusion began on this one)

      Curious George No Tail | GGG Guys NZ


      Queen - We Are the Champions (of the world?)

      Anyone who lived through the glorious Freddy Mercury years will be very familiar with this Queen song. And we all know that during the song the lyrics say "We are the champions.....of the world".

      But what we almost all believe is that the song ends with this iconic line. But in truth it just ends with "We are the champions". There is NO "of the world" at the end of the song. Don't believe us?

      Check out this classic video


      And that is just a few examples that perhaps we would be familiar with.There are many more.

      Here's a quick list of some interesting ones:

      • Froot Loops (not Fruit Loops)
      • Chartreuse - Red or Green?
      • Linbergh Baby (1930's) - Found or not?
      • Tiananmen Square - do you remember a video of a young man being run over by a tank?

       And oh there are so many more (even involving iconic things like McDonald's, Pepsi logo etc.)


      Parallel Universe or something more explainable?

      So the more you look into it the more you find people are subscribing to this parallel universe or reality theory. However, psychologists are labelling it a mere phenomenon called confabulation (yes real word).

      It's a term used when referring to memory defects in people with brain injuries and also used to describe everyday occurrences when we embellish stories or make up facts to fill in gaps in our own memories. A lot of the time we don't even think about the fact we are doing it.

      The psychologist theory is it is just our brains playing tricks on us by getting two or more bits of information and twisting them in our long term memory.

      Simple, normal and explainable.


      But with so many people experiencing the same memory recalls is it that simple?

      Go and have a look for yourself. There is plenty of information out there (on both sides of the crazy camp) for you to get yourself lost in for hours, and come out the other side perhaps a little less sure of our existence!

      Parallel Alternate Worlds | GGG Guys NZ

       Have a great (and perhaps more confused) day!

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